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Angela Davis


Angela Davis Littles is the social media coordinator for the Clotilda Descendants Association. She serves this position with pride as a sixth generation descendant of Charlie (Oluale) and Maggie Lewis, both of whom were captured and trafficked aboard the Clotilda, the last known documented slave ship in United States history. Angela is an Africatown resident who holds multiple degrees in the healthcare sector. She is a full-time employee at the USA Health. Although her passion is working in the medical field, Angela is a natural at social media management. She takes pleasure in keeping the community informed about the ongoing efforts to revitalize Africatown. Her goal is to share positivity while helping others learn the story of her ancestors.

Angela enjoys spending her free time with her husband, Dechepa Littles, and their two children, Raelyn and Dechepa Jr. 

Angela Davis
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