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Teresa Bettis


Teresa Bettis is the Executive Director of the Center for Fair Housing, Inc. professionally, and she has more than thirty years of experience in public works. Among those years, she has served the longest as the Executive Director for the Center for Fair Housing, Inc., a private non-profit civil rights organization for the last twenty-four years. As the Executive Director, Teresa oversees numerous programs and initiatives and manages seven staff while serving eight counties in Southwest Alabama. As Executive Director for the Center for Fair Housing, Inc. (the Center), she has advocated for preserving underserved communities and fair and just treatment and access to equal opportunity. Teresa uses her position to bring recognition to those who have not had a voice.

Most recently, she was a 40 over 40 awardee and selected as 1 of 25 African American women cohorts of Truth Speaks Innovation Foundation’s inaugural Power, Innovation, and Leadership (PIL) is an Executive Education course developed by faculty from the Social Innovation + Change Initiative (SICI) within the Harvard Kennedy School.

Teresa Bettis
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